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Minor [adj, music] The most intimate consonant interval in music

Rose [noun] A humble blossom in a desert

Minor Rose [salon] 1. Located in Gramercy Park, South of Rose Hill


Minor Rose is a head space. Fulfilling a lifelong dream for owner Bradley Scott Rosen, the salon opened in autumn 2020, offering a beacon of hope, normalcy and community. A seat in the comfort of Minor Rose is, by turn, a meditation, a philosophical discussion, an artistic process, a concert, an indulgence, a moment with a trusted friend.


Bradley Scott Rosen has been cutting hair professionally for 17 years. Trained by some of the greatest haircutters from Vidal Sassoon, Bradley's work utilizes precision techniques to create soft, touchable and timeless looks. Also a trained composer of music, with a graduate degree in music composition from UC San Diego, Bradley brings to his craft a critical sense of form and a unique aesthetic at the intersection of punk and classical. Bradley is committed to providing a salon environment at the cutting edge, be it of beauty, sustainability, inclusivity and safety.

Read about Minor Rose in *Wallpaper Magazine

Photos by David Mitchell

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